at&t LTE better reliability indoors, crowds, etc?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Mad Mac Maniac, Apr 25, 2012.

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    I know this isn't exactly the best place to be asking this question, because it doesn't directly relate to the iPhone untill later this year when the LTE iphone is released (fingers crossed)... but I'm not a member on any at&t forums! :p

    So I've noticed that with my iPhone 4's 3G connection drops when I'm indoors, DRASTICALLY so for many larger buildings like my office, gym, walmarts, malls etc. often making trying to use the internet completely hopeless. Also around large crowds of people (for sporting events etc) data speeds drop way down due to data congestion. Lastly, and this is one I've never really heard from outside sources, but definitely experienced and tested many many times... my data speed drops (typically by about half or more) when I'm driving down the road in a moving vehicle and then rises again when stopped at a red light. I have used a few difference speed test apps, and this has proven to be quite consistant.

    So I know that LTE will provide much faster speeds (in ideal conditions) but my question is, does LTE provide any additional benefits with regard to reliability, penetration through buildings, and crowds and etc?
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    LTE on the 700 Megahertz spectrum will provide more bandwidth as well as better building penetration, connection latency, and call quality. I do not know however the benefits of the AWS spectrum LTE that AT&T will be deploying.
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    AWS is 1700 MHZ.But the lower the frequency number is the better building penetration is

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