AT&T Mobile Share plan with wife, how do upgrades work?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MikeTheVike, Oct 6, 2014.

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    I recently moved to a mobile share plan and added my wife on as a second device. We both have an iPhone 5. Our contract with At&t is up in Nov. She wants to upgrade to a iPhone 6 and I think I want to move to an iPhone 5S. I've been putting together a spreasdsheet with all plan options to figure out which is the best deal for us. So far, with the little data we have shared(2GB), the 2-year contract option is the cheapest because we can pay the subsidized phone prices with gift cards and our trade-in phone values.

    The part that is confusing me is how upgrade works now that we are on 1 plan. If we sign a 2-year contract and she upgrades to an iPhone 6, what does that mean for me? Can I also upgrade my phone with the subsidized price? I guess I'm confused because I just moved to mobile share(haven't received a new bill yet) and it seems like we only have 1 plan with 2 phones on it. So if we upgrade that plan, does that mean I can only upgrade one phone? And if I can upgrade more than 1 phone, do I have to do it at the same time? or can I upgrade months later and get the subsidized price? Thanks for any clarification!
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    Each line has its own contract and they can be upgraded independently of each other.
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    Just remember that if you take the 2 year agreement, you lose the $15/mo. discount you receive.
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    Yea, I have a spreadsheet I've been working on that has almost every plan combo and how much it will cost me iver a 2-year time span. I still ahve a few more options to go, but we are using 2GB shared right now and it is about $1000 less per year for us.

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