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Mar 26, 2009
I got an email and went on their website to see the new mobile share plans and they look rather appealing. Reality is I have 6 lines on my two family plans which now are two family plans cause ATT does not allow for 6 lines. This new plan lets you have like up to 10 lines on one plan and what I like is that you can share the data. I would never have been a fan of this before but reality in my own house is out of 6 of our iPhones, 3 of them barely use like 400mb a month the other 2 less than 2 gb and I am the heavy user about 2gb. So this would be ideal to have on the new plan and I can add a iPad with data for $10 a month thats truly COOL!!! Let me know what you all think?


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Jun 15, 2010
My family plan phone bill would be 50% more expensive if I move to mobile share, so no for me.


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Oct 21, 2011
It works better for some than others. I would rather have unlimited for when LTE comes to town but for 3G I do like the shared plan. Consider just using the included free tethering and saving the $10 a month for the iPad. Plus you save $130 on the purchase of the iPad by not getting the cellular version.


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Considering MobileShare too

I just got this email and I've got two iPhone 4s devices, one at 2GB data @$25/mo, the other 200MB @ $15/mo.

I'm not sure what else is included in this package, but adding in free text for both phones might make it worthwhile. AND I like the AT&T-approved HotSpot!

Right now I don't think we can squeeze into 1GB for both phones, but it's worth a try if we can get by for $85/mo AND text AND hotspots.
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