AT&T "Monthly Subscription" BS

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by puma1552, May 15, 2012.

  1. puma1552, May 15, 2012
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    I've been with AT&T since the 4S launch. No problems until last month.

    All of a sudden out of nowhere there was a $10 "monthly subscription" charge on my account for some absolute garbage that I had no idea what it was. Auto-renewing subscription to boot, and by the time the bill was made it had already auto renewed

    I called AT&T, they took the charge off right away with an additional credit for the auto-renewal, no questions asked.

    Now I logged into my bill this month, and I see TWO monthly subscriptions; the same one from last month (which conveniently has auto-renewed yet again so it looks like I have to deal with this ******** next month again for the third time in a row), and now another one for some other **** I have no idea about.

    I am talking online with an AT&T rep now, and they are telling me I have to install a purchase blocker. They are reluctant to refund my money this time, and keep telling me that I must have sent TWO text messages authorizing garbage. Oh yes, I consciously sit here and go OH WOW A JUNK TEXT MESSAGE FOR GARBAGE LET ME SEND THEM NOT ONE BUT TWO TEXTS THAT SAY YES PLEASE!!!

    Thing is, I've never received ANY junk, never authorized ANY purchases, in app anything, etc. Nothing of the sort. She keeps telling me if I don't do the purchase blocker I have to text STOP to the third party garbage, yet she seems to be too dense to realize that there is nowhere to send STOP to since I am not getting anything whatsoever on my phone! Just bogus charges.

    Anyone else deal with this crap or having to use a purchase blocker? Stop messing with my damn bill.

    What the ****?
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    Yeah, that happened to me last month and they immediately removed the charges. ATT offered me a $4.99/month fee to prevent it from happening again. Not sure if that is the same thing as purchase blocker. It sounded ridiculous to have to pay to prevent something I didn't even authorize to begin with.

    In the end they offered to put a free parental blocker on that would require a pin code before any subscriptions could be approved. I went with that.
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    You don't really frequent MR much do you?

    Not a new news story....... been talked about in several different threads.
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    Not the iPhone forum. It's a phone, it works, and I don't worry about batterygate, yellowscreengate, casegate, or sharpedgesgate.
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