AT&T or Sprint—a usage scenario

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by musicwind95, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Aug 13, 2008
    The theoretical speeds for both networks are faster than my home internet, especially upload. So I was planning to get MyWi and use a 4S as my home internet (or at least attempt to get some form of link aggregation going). My main dilemma as AT&T's speed versus Sprint's unlimited data. Then again, AT&T's 2GBs or 4GBs might be enough—I'm using as much as 3–5GBs on some days, but I don't know if that would change if I sparingly use the phone or use link aggregation. I live in Rhode Island, where network coverage in general is about 3 or 4 bars. So…I need convincing as to whether I should go with AT&T or Sprint. And please not one-word responses; some rationale would be nice.

    Also, does either network count incoming calls against plan minutes? Does Sprint offer rollover minutes? I'm thinking of using Google Voice or MagicJack for calling and texting so I can get the cheaper minutes plan (and I would love not to pay for texting). :)
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    Jul 26, 2011
    On Sprint, you get a limited amount of minutes to call landlines, how many depends on which plan you choose. There are no roll-over minutes, because mobile to mobile calling doesn't count, so most customers never use all of their minutes. It's only a problem if you're calling a lot of landline numbers.

    No, incoming calls don't count. Data on most plans is unlimited, as is texting.
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    I can only speak to Sprint as I am currently on their network -- had att a while back, but I never liked the service...however I keep reading it has improved.

    Sprint does not have rollover minutes. However, their nights and weekends start at 7pm (instead of 9 for other carriers). Their anything plans (unlimited data & texts) include unlimited mobile to any mobile calling (does not matter what network the mobile number is on; I know at&t has this if you get unlimited text messages for $20 addon). You can choose from 450, 900, and unlimited minutes costing 79.99, 99.99, and 109.99, respectively (i'm including the $10 smartphone cost).

    I personally have never had a major issue with Sprint (every company has their minor problems on occasion). Their customer service has been great as well.

    Some people need to surf and talk at the same time which right now is only available on ATT.
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    Thanks for clearing up the plans. Does anyone have any experience with Sprint's HSPDA 14.4 network or AT&T's in New England, preferably RI? How is the real-world performance?
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    Sprint uses CDMA tech, not HSPDA and won't be able to take advantage of the theoretical faster speeds.
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    Whoops, I meant the other way around—AT&T's HSPDA versus Sprint's "regular" 3G.

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