AT&T overstating charges?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ECOCIDE, Sep 20, 2012.

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    The other day I was surprised when after only 5 days my unlimited data was throttled. I checked the data on the phone using *data# and it claimed I already used over 3 gigs! Even though I don't stream music or videos. Then I checked my cell usage under the settings on the iPhone and it claimed I used (sent and received) under 700 mb. I called AT&T, went though hurdles to speak with someone in the 'data speed impact' department. AT&T claimed I used 2.3 gigs in one instance (I assume they do packet inspections), last Thursday. I still have my history from last Thursday, and that just didn't happen. He said the Apple usage counter is BS and doesn't work. I called and spoke to a tech guy at Apple for like a hour he found it amusing, he first said no the data calculator would not be off by that much, and using 2.3 gigs on a less then 3Mbps in a matter of few hours is pretty unlikely. He went on to explain how the phone streams vs downloads and so on. I called AT&T back and they just really are not interested in helping with anything, and basically said they are right Apple is wrong (these people sound SO MISERABLE in the data speed impact department). And the other thing, my group text messages keep going up and I have group text message turned off on both my phones! Has anyone else ever had this happen? Is there an explanation? This is from today.

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    The group message is just the number if text messages everyone on your plan has sent. It has nothing to do with the group messaging feature on the phone.
    As far as the data I have heard if you are in a weak signal area the data usage reported by AT&T will be higher. They are counting data that they attempted to send to your phone, even though your phone isn't always receiving it. That's why the counters are so different, as your phone doesn't actually receive everything. I may be wrong, but I recall reading something about that recently.
    At least you are on the unlimited plan so you don't have to worry about overage charges.

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