AT&T still giving account credit for upgrades?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AHDuke99, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Is AT&T still helping some people out to upgrade to the new iPhone 5 since it's launched? I called them once to ask but the rep gave me no help, but it seems like it all depends on who you get. My sister's upgrade is in October, but AT&T refused to move her date up a month when she went to a store in Durham to talk to them.

    I have been a customer with AT&T for 10 years, pay $200 a month and have rarely if ever been late on a bill. I am planning to go to my local store tomorrow to talk to someone and see what they are willing, if anything to do for me. What stories have successful people given them?

    My main motivation is I want to get on a 2 year cycle where I can upgrade to the new design every 2 years rather than a 5S and 6S etc, but I can't justify paying $550 for a new 32GB iPhone 5 WHILE also extending my contract 2 years.
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    Talk to SALES during the day, and they can waive your upgrade eligibility if they want and you can pay the lower price without account credits and such.

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