AT&T Unlock iPhone4 Questions


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Jul 25, 2012
I chated with an ATT rep couple days ago regarding unlocking my wife's old iPhone4 and she told me it's unlock and send me a procedure on how to unlock (restore as new from iTune...bah bah bah). After the restore completed on iTune, I never go the "unlock" message (It was there when I unlock mine iPnone4 couple months ago from ATT).

I perform another restore with no unlock message again. I check with couple IMEI checker site and both said "locked"

I finally pull out a micro SIMS that I used last year when I was in Italy (no longer active but WAS activated last year as pre-paid) and it has signal but said no service. Does that mean "unlocked" or I have to pop in an active micro SIMS and have signal to confirm?


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Jun 5, 2007
The weird thing for me is that I called ATT and they unlocked it. I checked and it should the phone unlocked.

Today I get an e-mail from ATT responding back to my web submitted request. I check and it now shows as locked. I already sold the phone so I hope is wrong.


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Jan 28, 2006
Southern California
I can't answer the exact question you asked, but here is what you can do:
1. Go into a T-Mobile Store near you and get a Pay As You Go MicroSim.
2. Activate it and put something like $10 on it- that's 30 minutes worth of calling.
3. Take out your AT&T SIM, insert the T-Mob one.
4. When you re-start, if your phone is unlocked from AT&T, you should get the 'Welcome to T-Mobile' screen and your phone should say T-Mobile in the upper left hand corner where it now says AT&T.
5. Use up your 30 minutes making calls and be done with worrying about it.
Then you will know for sure whether it is unlocked or not.


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Sep 17, 2012
do you guys know how believable is the IMEI checker?

I have my AT&T 16gb black iphone 5 with 2 years of contract and when I put in the IMEI # in the IMEI Checker it says that the phone is Unlocked :eek: