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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mashinhead, Sep 14, 2012.

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    I have an At&t account and i've had it since the first iphone so i'm granfathered in. They want to charge me 850 for a new one because they say i'm in eligible, even though last year i bought an unlocked phone for that price. so im' considering switching. i don't mind losing the unlimited data because i never use over a gig a month anyway, and i'm interested in a shared plan for multiple devices, which would cause me to lose that anyway, and att has terrible service in my area. but i do like and use voice and data at the same time. speed is important though

    my question is more related to what is easier to use over seas. I like gsm because all i can do is get a local sim and i'm good to go. i don't know how cdma works in that regard. would love to know which is best.
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    Verizon version allows for overseas LTE. ATT does not.
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    you need permission from Verizon to use your phone use a GSM overseas AT&T will have to unlock you or you'll pay for international roaming...if your phone is unlocked either should be fine overseas with a nano sim

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