AT&T's Mobile Share - hhhuh?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mdelvecchio, Sep 13, 2012.

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    Sep 3, 2010
    ok im trying to get my head around AT&T's new "Mobile Share" plan, since theyre pushing it for mobile hotspotting and facetime over cellular use.

    currently i have two lines, like so:

    $30 - line 1, unlimited
    $30 - line 2, 3GB
    $30 - unlimited text
    $60 - 700 familyplan minutes, line 1
    $10 - 700 familyplan minutes, line 2
    $160 a month​

    we dont use much data, so the the 4GB Mobile Share plan would work. it appears like it costs this much:

    $70 - 4GB data (w/ hotspot and facetime, right?)
    $40 - smartphone 1
    $40 - smartphone 2
    $150 a month​

    ...have i got that right? does the Mobile Share bundle includes voice? it says "Mobile Share with Unlimited Talk & Text" - does that mean no plan minutes, 24/7, no rollover, etc?

    im basing my prices off this Mobile Sharing promo page:
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    Yes. There should be a voice component in your current pricing.

    We had 3 lines and found going to the 6G shared saved us $25 a month albeit with the loss of one old unlimited data line. Since our historical trend over all of 2012 had been less than 3G combined, I was fine with that.

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