At what point do apple begin to replace a product instead of sending it for repair?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Zedsdead185, Mar 13, 2009.

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    I posted a few days ago about my 'nightmare computer', my macbook pro. Ever since i've had it its been a pain in the ass and been sent for repairs several times. I haven't been able to take it for its latest repair just yet, but was just wondering at what point they decide to just give you new one. I'm getting a bit annoyed at how i have to keep taking it back for repairs and was hoping to ask whether they would just replace it for me?
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    They will offer at some point, but you could have already requested it. I have had products replaced after no repair attempts even though Apple tells you they won't do this; they will, and it doesn't require brute force, just skill. Your warranty confers the right to repair, replacement, or refund at Apple's discretion. The thing is that they will of natural order do it in that order unless you intervene. In your case, it will be quite easy to ask for a replacement, as the repairs have failed. They have a general guideline of 3 repairs before replacement, but everything is a guideline only. If you're artful and persuasive, almost anything is possible. Say you have an issue with no attempted repair 6 months in to owning the product. You just need to have an exceptional case about why this would impact you personally. If they make an exception you have to give them a reason to make an exception. And I'm not saying to lie. Think about what the truth is, you're a Mac switcher and you're having second thoughts, you're missing out on getting important work done you need your Mac for, you had an inconvenience with a repair once before where it made the computer worse.

    But the short answer is yes, you're due a replacement at this point.
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    How many times have you taken it in, and what repairs were during each repair?
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    additionally, I think that's 3 repairs for the same problem.....but as you say, it's just a guideline
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    i'd be asking for a replacement if i was having a few repairs so close to each other, u could lie and say u need it quick, i'd be saying i can't be travelling to an apple store thats an hour away so often and i need it for university work, which would be the truth.
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    Hi guys, sorry i'm late replying, i didn't think anyone had replied to it at all until i checked this morning.

    Anyway to answer previous questions. Here is a list of what repairs its had each time its been handed in.

    1- Top case assy
    2- Logic Board
    3- Superdrive
    Top case assy
    Bottom case assy
    - and this will be the 4th time i've taken it in for repairs.

    I took it in on tuesday and although i asked for a replacement, and described that i need it all the time for uni work and communication with home and work dates, they still said no because it is apparently fixable.

    The list of problems with it now are massive, they've built up because i've not got time to leave it with them. here are the problems:

    -Broken keyboard backlight
    -Keyboard not typing correctly suddenly, sometimes misses keys
    -Since superdrive replacement i have been getting small electric shocs now and then and you can see were they have eaten away at the aluminium casing.
    -The battery is way below quality, after a battery calibration it is at 35% capacity after 15 months of usage.
    -the screen is going yellow at the bottom

    the genius said that they would need to replace the display, the top case assy and the keyboard, (no mention of the battery, i forgot to mention it because i'm stupid like that). he said that it would take up to a week so they can order the parts.
    after explaining again that i need it all the time he instead just suggested buying procare so that i would have top priority repairs. Of course i told him a firm no.
    anyway, long story short, i didn't get a replacement, and i didn't send it for repairs because i really do need it all the time, especially at the moment. I don't think i was quite firm enough with them, whenever they said something i just accepted it because that what i'm naturally like.
    Luckily i still have it though, and next week i think i may try again, but this time not give up so pathetically easily.
    If anyone has any tips on the right things to say then i would be very grateful. thanks guys

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