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Sep 14, 2014
Hi folks,

A friend of mine will be in Atlanta on Monday. As I live in Hungary and we won't have the iPhone for quite a while longer (and it will cost 1.5x as much as in the US), I asked hime to get an iPhone 6 Plus 64Gb T-mobile for me.

My questions:

Will he be able to buy one just walking in an Apple Store? Should I order and let him pick up? Where should he go?



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Mar 13, 2009
If the store has it in stock, he should be able to just walk in and buy it. But that's a huge IF.


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Oct 18, 2011
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If he gets lucky and if there is any stock, your friend would have to check every day. He can also go on every midnight and see if any becomes available. At my place, they have been out of stock every single day. Not one have i seen it become available.


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Mar 13, 2010
If he goes to the Lenox Square Mall Apple Store and lines up an hour or two before opening, that will give him his best chance at getting one.

That said, I'd say he's got about a 5-10% chance of success. It's just been that bad. I have spent several hours in line, 4 different days since launch, with nothing to show for it. I was even first in line one day and all they had were 2 Sprint & 1 Verizon 6 Plusses.


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May 14, 2013
I am in Atlanta and I went to Lenox and got my iPhone 6 during Tuesday evening after I got off work. I rushed to the mall when I got off. Luckily I work about 8 mins from the mall. When you reach the store, there is an apple rep on the line and he asked what device you are looking for. They take their phone out and see if they have it in stock and if they do they will give you a card with a barcode on t and scan it and that guarantees you a phone. I waited in like for about 3 hours and then walked out with a 64gb iPhone 6.
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