Atlona AT-HD620: A few questions on this great looking unit from any owners please!

Discussion in 'iMac' started by alexjholland, May 11, 2011.

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    May 3, 2011
    Bali, Cambridge, Sydney.. anywhere.
    Hey, I have a 2010 iMac 27" i7 and I live in the UK.

    I only got it in March and it's great, but was initially a little gutted when the new iMac came out last week. However, on reflection I don't think my primary use (music production) would be too affected by the new model.

    Now, I wish to run my second XBox 360 in via HDMI. I'm aware of the Kanex option, but I like to do things the best way; and keep options open for blu-ray - so the Atlona AT-HD620 seems to be the best option, yes?

    However, I currently enjoy sending my iMac's Mini Displayport video/audio to my Panasonic plasma - Youtube and iPlayer BBC look great!

    - Is there any way of being able to switch between AT-HD620-in and iMac's video-output to my plasma using the same, single MDP without unplugging cables?

    I'm thinking some kind of switcher (whether at the HDMI or MDP level) so I can switch between MDP- in, or MDP-out; keeping both my 360-in and out-to-plasma options available.

    I did see a MDP switcher online, but it was at least £100! I Know my friend got an HDMI-switcher for £15..

    - Also, if I order from the US, is the power-input a fairly regular type that I could easily replace with a UK-purchased unit?

    - I'm planning to use my Turtle Beach X41s via optical, but do you think audio will also automatically be routed to my iMac's default firewire audio interface, so it comes out of my active monitors?

    If I can have both my video out and XBox in functions available, I really will be chilled about my iMac purchase!

    Any other thoughts on this Atlona unit and my potential setup would be appreciated..
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    May 3, 2011
    Bali, Cambridge, Sydney.. anywhere.
    Update: Atlona just emailed me to recommend the MDP21 MDP switcher. However, it only supports up to 1080x1200 resolution (surely killing my required 2560x1440 from the AT-HD620?

    Also, it doesn't mention supporting MDP out as a function, just two inputs from Macbooks..

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated!
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    May 8, 2010
    London, England
    You can power it over USB:

    Be warned the 1080p image will be a little fuzzy on the 27" iMac's 2560x1440 screen.

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