ATT customer service number?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kashyap02004, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. kashyap02004 macrumors member

    Jun 28, 2011
    I am in San Jose, Ca. Anybody know the AT&T 24 hour customer service number?

    I switched to AT&T today and activated an old at&t 4g windows phone that I had. So basically I have one upgrade available. Now I want to order the iphone online. But the website keeps telling me that I am not qualified for the upgrade.
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    Sep 24, 2012
  3. PNutts macrumors 601


    Jul 24, 2008
    Pacific Northwest, US
    611 from your AT&T phone. I ported a number from Sprint to my AT&T account last year and activated an old iPhone 4 I already had. That line isn't eligible for an discounted purchase for two years. For some reason I expected that because I hadn't purchased a subsidized phone the line would be eligible.
  4. kashyap02004 thread starter macrumors member

    Jun 28, 2011
    i switched from sprint too


    thank you.
  5. kashyap02004 thread starter macrumors member

    Jun 28, 2011
    So I called the customer service. They said I am on contract that expires in 2014. So you will be qualified for the upgrade in 2014. So I guess I am going to ATT store tomorrow to fight this.

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