ATT practices in CA/NV

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by phrehdd, Jul 8, 2013.

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    Oct 25, 2008
    I ventured into an ATT store front in CA to inquire about going from the iPhone 4s to the 5. It was interesting to note that they would buy/trade-in my 4s and give me 200 dollars. However, while they offer the 2-year contract discount they also tack on the tax at the full retail price. In this, the trade in is pretty much a pathetic deal with ATT. The guy at the store was very decent and admitted it wasn't truly a "deal" but simply a path to get to the next model and that in my shoes, he would wait until a real deal came out when the 5s/6 comes out and that this tax on full retail is something ATT does in CA/NV.

    Anyone else had similar experiences? Btw, the one good thing is he said that ATT would still allow me to continue my grandfathered no limits contract.
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    Tax on full retail is not just an AT&T or CA/NV thing. Almost every state with an exception to a handful charge sales tax on the full retail, as well as all the carriers.

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