ATT Wireless Confirms Grandfathering if "purchased" by the 7th, even if not using. :)

Discussion in 'iPad' started by CarboysDesire, Jun 4, 2010.

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    I posted this in the "I just turned of Wifi" thread but others may find this useful so here it is:

    I called ATT Wireless a few moments ago because I am currently using the $15/250MB plan and it does not expire for another 8 days and because I doubt I will use the MBs by then, thereby forcing it to expire sooner.

    Two nights ago I upgraded to the $30/Unlimited plan to take advantage of the grandfathering after June 7th, but I was concerned that if I wasn't actually using it by the 7th that there would be no grandfathering, due to a technicality or whatnot.

    Sherry Cohen is the rep I spoke to at ATT Wireless. She understood my question immediately and answered with the strongest amount of certainty in her voice that I can imagine her having.

    I said, after telling her I was calling about my iPad data plan and that I know about the new plans effective on the 7th...

    "I have upgraded to the $30/Unlimited plan but my current plan, the $15/250MB, does not expire until after June 7th and I do not expect to use up the data by then. Will I still be grandfathered in with the Unlimited Plan if I am not yet using it on the 7th?"

    She said...

    "Absolutely. You don't have to worry. I see that your payment for the Unlimited Plan has already been posted so you are good. Feel free to use up your other plan at your convenience and do not worry about the dates. You will be grandfathered in."

    So, because she understood and answered immediately with such certainty I feel good about it.

    I also asked if I can make the data plan changes to my iPhone plan online when the time comes and she confirmed that as well. (I am going to change it to the $15 plan thereby netting a $0 change in total price paid for data.)


    I just signed onto my account at ATT Wireless and I was suprised to find that ALL the calling plan options have REDUCED RATES!!!

    My $39.99 plan is now only $31.19. I could not believe it.

    Here are the details for all the plans (the first amount is the old price, the second is the new)...

    Individual Nation Plans

    Nation 450 w/Rollover® Minutes $39.99 $31.19 450 5000 Unlimited
    Nation with Canada 450 $59.99 $46.79 450 1000 Unlimited
    Nation 900 w/Rollover® Minutes + $59.99 $46.79 900 Unlimited Unlimited
    Nation Unlimited $69.99 $69.99 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Nation with Canada 900 + $79.99 $62.39 900 1000 Unlimited
    Nation with Canada 1350 + $99.99 $77.99 1350 1000 Unlimited
    Nation with Canada 2000 + $119.99 $93.59 2000 1000 Unlimited
    Nation with Canada 4000 + $169.99 $132.59 4000 1000 Unlimited
    Nation with Canada 6000 + $219.99 $171.59 6000 1000 Unlimited
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    There's a chance she did you a favor... you might want to take her name out....
  3. CarboysDesire thread starter macrumors 6502a


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    She didn't. She was very clear and direct. She would have told me if she were doing something special for me. I don't see the harm in posting her name. If there is something else I am not thinking of I will take it out.
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    May 21, 2010

    Wow! AT&T is really a great company! I'm so glad I bought a 3 g iPad.
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    May 14, 2010
    I seriously doubt this - are they going to have a special page built in which only shows up to those grandfathered in or are they going to show every new customer that they can't have unlimited data for just $5 more?

    Face it - ATT had gone back on their data plan less than 1 month after it launched.

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