ATV2, Sony HDTV and Sony DAV DZ-630 Home Theater - HOW TO GET AUDIO THROUGH?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by 50548, May 29, 2011.

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    Guys, I've just bought a new Sony HDTV (on a sale, very good price) after realizing that my older model was getting a little bit long in the tooth (only one HDMI port, no optical audio etc.). Another seemingly ironic reason was because I'd bought an ATV2, which has no analog/component ports anymore.

    However. I am STILL struggling with how to get audio out to my home theater system and speakers. ATV2 sound plays fine in the TV speakers, but that's NOT what I want.

    Main points to consider:

    - the DZ-630 home theater does not have any optical ports, only one HDMI out port, but does have component and analog audio in ports (line);
    - the TV has analog audio out, as well as optical audio out, SCART, component, audio mini-jack and 4x HDMI.

    I have connected my ATV2 via HDMI to the TV, while the home theater is linked to TV through SCART (for cable) and component (for DVD). However, this does NOT let the ATV2 sound go through its speakers.

    So I tried using the RCA audio out from the TV to the home theater's audio in (line), to no avail. In other words, it seems like the HDMI-connected ATV2 does NOT send its audio through the TV's audio out to the line connectors in the home theater.

    Having already spent some good money on this set-up, I do NOT want to buy a D-A converter box from Gefen. I also presume that the optical audio between the TV and ATV2 won't help.

    Am I missing something configuration-wise? Can anyone assist me with this? Thanks!
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    Aug 2, 2008
    What other devices will you be connecting to TV??? BluRay, PS3 XBOX? I'll also be assuming you want that audio through your speakers as well??? How many HDMI inputs does your receiver have???
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    Apr 17, 2005
    Currently in Switzerland
    It seems like I've resolved the issue without knowing...the TV is, indeed, passing the sound of the ATV2 through the audio RCA connectors to the home theater system. The only difference is that, in fact, I had to turn up the volume through the TV's remote BEFORE being able to listen to anything through the speakers.

    This is bizarre, since the TV control should only take care of the TV's internal speaker volume, but this is NOT the case (it was ALSO controlling the home theater's speakers)...anyone with the technical knowledge to explain? Is this due to the Sony Bravia Sync or something like that?

    Bottomline: I ALWAYS keep the TV's internal volume nominally at a reasonable level, even though there is ONLY sound coming through the external speakers..!

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