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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Ruahrc, Feb 9, 2013.

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    Jun 9, 2009
    Clean installed OS X ML a little while ago. Got everything up and working again (even fixed 2 major problems I was having in Lion), but there is one outstanding issue.

    NONE of my music/audio files have icon previews in Finder. Yes, the artwork itself is embedded in each file. Yes, I know iTunes does not embed in the actual file by default. Yes, I know how to forcefully embed the artwork in the files and that's what I have done for all my music. That is not my problem.

    All the artwork shows up correctly in iTunes itself. However, when viewing the files themselves in Finder, there are no album art previews in the files. All other file types work just fine, even my movie and TV show files that are also in iTunes; only audio files don't have previews. (see first pic)

    I should note that none of these files are purchased from the iTunes store.

    When I browse the exact same folder remotely from another mac (MBP that I just upgraded from Lion to ML today... no clean install), the previews show up no problem. (see second pic)

    Viewing the files from another account on the same computer also work.

    I am not really willing to migrate to a new account to fix this. First, my user account has to have a specific userID in order to keep my file syncing program operational. If I create a new account, AFAIK it is a big hassle to change the userID on that account to match my old account. Second, I don't see the logic in having to create a new user account when clearly some kind of preference file or setting has to be able to be deleted/recreated or restored to make this work again. It is totally counterintuitive for this not to be the case. What has corrupted, and why can it not be restored? I have yet to see a believable answer to this.

    God, I seriously hate Apple these past two OS releases. Last time I bought my mac, the fresh installation of Lion Server on it had some stupid spotlight problem that would not index/search my email files. No matter what I tried I was not able to fix it. Now I finally go an clean-install my whole computer with ML Server to fix that, and get this! $#@$#%@$! The whole reason I started using Macs in the first place was because the OS was good, and I didn't have to deal with the bugs and hassle that Windows had. Now it's the exact same story on this side of the fence too... sigh.

    Anyone have any help on this? I have tried going back to iTunes 10.7, restoring iTunesFramework folder from another computer, from a fresh install, and the old 10.7 version. Tried ALL the tricks on the internet about adjusting icon preview sizes, erasing plist files, etc. None of it works. I need a new solution and I'm not accepting that another clean install is the only fix.

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    You should never need to migrate to a new user account to fix a problem. TEST the problem in a new account, yes; but not move to fix it.
    If you've established it's a user problem, then you will have to pinpoint the rogue file. It might be a corrupt database, plist, or cache.
    You can either try using a utility program like Onyx to check plist files, delete user caches, and various other trouble-shooting tasks.
    Or you can go wholesale removing files and folder from your user Library and then testing the problem. If nothing changes, replace the files. If something changes, put back half. Rinse and repeat.

    A clean install does nothing if you then restore your user files that contain the problem. 99% of problems on Macs are user account issues -- the apps and OS rarely need replacing.
    I'd certainly trash the QuickLook caches in ~/Library/Caches for starters. There's quicklookconfig, and

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