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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by neilrobinson, Oct 16, 2004.

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    i am going to be splitting some audio files (currently mp3s) into i minute sections then saving em, this is for a pilates studio i am involved in, song goes for one minute, 15 second silence, another 1 minute of song... does anybody know a program that will do this (just split the song for me?), to play em i am just going to use my ipod with a play list is it possible :confused:
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    You could do this in any video app, imove or final cut.

    Or you could use quicktime pro.
    Open the mp3 with quicktime pro, get the track to your in point, hit shift+right to mark an in them move the clip to the out point & hit shift+left to mark the out.
    Apple+C to copy the clip Apple+N to create a new empty clip. Apple+V to paste the clip into the new player. You can then save the new clip as a mov or export it as a aiff or mp3.
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    There's a free program called Audacity that you could use. It works well for me.

    Lee Tom
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    here (for now)
    this might help you out...

    rogue amoeba

    "You don't need to be in front of your computer to record audio. Audio Hijack Pro can record using timers, just like a VCR or Digital Video Recorder. Just tell Audio Hijack Pro what to record by giving it a bookmark file, set the start and end times, and walk away. Audio Hijack Pro will automatically play the content, record it, and clean up when it's done. You can mute the audio for late-night recordings, set multiple timers, and choose between recurring and one-shot timers. Audio Hijack Pro can even create a Timer for bookmarks inside of other applications like Realplayer and Windows Media Player - just choose the New With Bookmark option, and it will scan the bookmarks located in your other programs.

    That's not all though - you can use timers to make any application your alarm clock - wake up to cds, mp3s, net streams, dvds, or any other audio you desire. Audio Hijack Pro can even launch itself, and wake your computer from sleep (OS X 10.3 only) - now you can do your part for the environment and save money on your electricity bill too."

    you might not even have to be at your computer to run your clip cutting session. if Automator was here i bet it could help you do this with apps you already have...


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