August 7th rumor

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by note235, Jul 16, 2012.

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    It's plausible. I was thinking earlier about how Apple always released in yearly cycles. Than last year it was more like 16 months. But why does it even matter? Customers are constantly switching phones, upgrading early, refusing to upgrade until their current phone dies, etc. Apple could release a new iPhone every six months and I don't think it would impact sales at all. It would impact the dramatic burst of sales in a single quarter, but in the grand scheme of things I think they would pull in the same numbers (if not higher ones) just spread out over the year. A month ago I would have said "not a chance they will announce in August" but now I'm not so sure. My money is still on October, but I wouldn't be surprised if they announced in August or September. Yearly refreshes are starting to make less and less sense, I wonder if anyone at Apple feels that way.

    Either way I hope the next iPhone is a whopper, because for the first time in four years I am getting really tempted to check out other options.
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    In front of uranus
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    I hope it's true but I won't be surprised if it isn't released until October. The next iPhone will be loaded with iOS 6 and I am not sure that will be ready in August.
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    Apple most likely won't release the phone until their 4th quarter begins (holiday quarter) and that starts September 30th. I don't see them showing the phone so early in August, which would leave nearly two months before the phone would ship.

    It normally ships within two weeks or so after the keynote.

    I expect event invites to be sent out September 25th, and the event to be on October 2nd.
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    Well with the more increasing rumors of the iPad Mini it would make sense to the bring date forward, to compete with the newly released Nexus 7 which has already sold a heap.
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    Announcement, yes, perhaps in August. Release in August, no. iOS 6 is still in Beta 3, and the iPhone 5 will not ship without it, so my guess as others have stated is around late September/October time frame. ;)
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    When does Apple inform the media of an event? 2 weeks before hand?

    I mean shouldn't we hear something from Apple by now if the date is supposedly August 7th?
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    I really doubt this August rumor. Really, the iPhone should come out with iOS 6, and Apple says that iOS 6 is coming this fall
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    Usually one week before the event. See my above post.
  11. pdutta2000, Jul 17, 2012
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    I think Apple is going to move the announcement up into Mid-Sept. The iPhone 4S announcement last year couldn't have been sadder. Every presenter knew what was going to happen in the next few days and yet they had to go out there and give Rah Rah speeches. I don't think Apple wants the announcement of their flagship product to interfere in any way or be associated with Steve Jobs' death anniversary so Oct is out. They won't wait till November so Sept makes the most logical sense. They probably had a big, corporate strategy around when to release things but life got in the way and they will need to change and adapt.
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    Apple's fiscal year ends in September. So their fourth quarter is now until Sept 29th (or whenever the date is).
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    That's what I meant... not fourth quarter but first quarter aka the holiday quarter which brings in the big $.

    September 30th is the start of the holiday quarter :)
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    Interesting hypothesis; I hadn't read or considered this reasoning before. Thanks for the input!

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