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May 28, 2002
I find that many of my friend's are considering turning to Macintosh. Maybe the switch advs are working, or maybe my constant belittlement of their insuperiority has finally taken hold.. who knows. My point is, as engineers, most of them have the first question, "Can I run AutoCad?"

As an engineer I use my office wintel and company laptop for that ****. at home i use my mac... but a lot of these guys are still students and dont have that "luxury."

What cad do you guys run, or is it simply a combination of Virtual PC and Autocad? How well does it operate?

For the record I despise the autodesk company. I was at a conference back in april and there were some reps there. we got on the topic of rendering on a mac versus pc and they were saying that "95% of all engineers use pcs" and they couldnt wrap their minds around the idea that they use pcs bbecause software is made ONLY for pcs. we dont use the pc out of preference we use it out of neccessity. we're being forced to use it because those ass clowns wont make software for the superior platform. anyways... any suggestions would be great! thanks!


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Apr 24, 2002
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VectorWorks 9.0

VectorWorks 9.0 is probably the best CAD program for the mac. However it must run in classic mode or OS 9 only. No OS X version yet and I have not heard if they are even working on an OS X version.


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Dec 20, 2001
Many Options available

Do you use AutoCAD for engineering drawings? If you don't need 3D, you can use PowerCADD in Classic(but EngineeringSoftware is working on a Carbon). Nothing can beat PowerCADD in terms of power, speed, and ease of use.
You can run PowerCADD with incredible speed on a old mac; unlike PhotoShop 7 crawling on a two year old Mac. I recently converted a self-employed architect to the Mac and PowerCADD. He has been using AutoCAD for the last 8 years and only after 2 months, he regretedly said he should have switched to the Mac long time ago...

If you need 3D, you can use Vellum, it has many different editions, I think Colbot is the full integrated solid and surface modeller and renderer. It use ACIS as the modelling engine(same as AutoDesk).
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