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    Can anyone out there tell how to specifically shutoff the autocorrect but only for searching in Safari? I find that anytime I'm looking for a proper name, store, etc. it corrects to the closest noun. Drives me crazy to have to retype over and over. I.e. Type in Saks under the search and it corrects to asks. If this is an inherent problem with Safari then do you all have another browser that doesn't have this issue. The simple solution is to shutoff the autocorrect but I like it for regular typing like in this post and don't want to have to switch it on and off between apps.

    Thanks in advance for solutions offered.
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    As far as I know, here's no way to shut off autocorrect just for one app, including Safari. I believe the same thing will happen in any other browser app you may use.

    You can prevent autocorrect from changing the word by tapping on the "x" when the autocorrect suggestion box. Another work around is to type an extra letter at the end of the word to confuse the autocorrect and make it stop offering suggestions. Like you would type "Saksz", then go back and delete the "z."

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