Automator: copy files to 2 volumes and eject SDcard


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Nov 30, 2019

I'm making a automator script that goes as follows
  • detect inserted SD card
  • copy its content to external HD1
  • rename this folder with current date and time
  • make a copy of this folder to HD2
and it gets tricky from here, I can't find any solution right now

I would like to eject the SD card,
but the weird thing is, it ejects the last used HD2

even weirder,
when I tell automator with the 'get specified folder items' actions to select the SD card
when I use the eject command, it ejects the SD card and the last used HD2

somehow I can't reset the files/folders/volumes I worked with and make a new selection
somehow it keeps in memory the old bunch and adds the new selection to it.

anybody any solution / idea

thanks in advance


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Jul 8, 2013
for the eject command, are you referring to the correct disk every time? I would make sure I was targeting the right disk by running the terminal command 'hdutil list' and grepping/searching out the right drive name / device name pair. Otherwise you may eject the wrong disk.
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