Automator: Taking mp3 metadata and making it the filename for .jpg files. HELP??

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by wad11656, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Hey all!

    First of all, I'm a newbie to programming, so please bear with me and please, please help me out. Thanks!

    Well, I'm trying to make a little app/script to help out my fellow mac users with an iPod firmware called RockBox.

    What I am trying to do exactly is to extract the album art from the songs in iTunes as jpg's, convert those to 100x100 pixel resolution, take the metadata of the artist and album of the mp3's contained within the album's folder and use that metadata to rename the .jpg album art file as "artist-album.jpg", then move all those .jpg album artwork files into a single folder within the iPod device.

    As for extracting the album artwork, there is already have a script for that - )...

    *Sidenote*If I'm going to make this into a script/app available to others, is there a way I can implement that script into my Automator process or something?

    ...however, sometimes it decides to convert the album artwork to .png in stead of .jpg, so I have SUCCESSFULLY[!!] created an Automator process that takes all .png files contained within the "iTunes Music" file and its subdirectories into .jpg and resize them to 100x100 pixels.

    From then on, nothing seems to work. I got an .action file that seems to be able to read metadata, but I'm not sure if it's able to rename an actual file based on the metadata or what. Could somebody please help me out with this? Here's the site with a full-blown guide on the .action: >>LINK<< and here's the download link for the .action file: >>LINK<< I was thinking of using that to rename the mp3's to "artist-album.mp3" and somehow copying and pasting the "artist-album" portion of the file name to the .jpg album artwork file in each folder.

    ALSO: It would be cool if the Automator was able to ask the user if they could select their iPod drive, then using that information, the Automator finds the .rockbox>albumart folder, which is where the album art files are stored. (This would be the folder that all the .jpg 100x100 pixel album artwork files would be sent to.) And if it doesn't exist, it creates the "albumart" folder for it...??

    I attached screenshots of my progress to give you a better idea for what I'm trying to do. PLEASE help me! I've never worked with these kinds of things, and I would just LOVE to be able to do this. Thank you!


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    Not possible, I'm assuming? (ack! Sorry for double post)

    It IS quite complex, so I'd understand if it were out of the ordinary for Automator...

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