Avid is still the best to me!


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Oct 17, 2001
Avid release:
Avid Express DV V3 for MAC and PC.

For those whom say that FCP will kill AVID I will have to disagree.
I have worked with many different NLE and I will say that AVID has been the best. ( Edit, cinestream, premiere, FCP, etc... )
when you have used and know how to use avid you cann't go back.
Also they could **** it up and screw it so bad that I would have to go for the Xpress.


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FCP rocks

I use FCP 3.0, and it is the best, most extensive program I have ever used, of course I can't figure how in the hell the selective color correction works :confused: (If anyone out there does my E-mail address is stoid@mac.com) maybe if Apple buys Avid though it might destory some of the good features of Avid. However Avid has some good tech I would like to see incorporateed into FCP4.:D


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Nov 30, 2001
As I have not tried Avid Express, so I will not disagree. Maybe I should try it though, although I'm quite happy with FCP 3... :)
But I really miss DVD Studio Pro 1.5 (or 2.0) for OS X. Heard it was coming soon. Anyone know when?????


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Nov 29, 2001
I agree however!!!!

Well romain:
I have edited on Avid(MC, Xpress, Symphony), Edit, EditDV/Cinestream, Premire, Media 100, and I agree that when I first touched an avid I did not want anything else. But I believe that FCP is destined to be a workhorse in highend post production. You see Avid's overpriced hardware is no longer necessary, the stage FCP is at right now is like a Media composer on steriods. The main plus of FCP is its expandability, you want to edit DV today, you can, the next day you want to edit uncompressed you simply stick in an uncompressed card and faster drives and go, You cannot do that with an avid if you want that you have to spend a whole lot of money. Avids product model is long in need of an over haul and what they have to realise is they people don't want to 60,000 bux for a closed system any more and you have to pay 10,000 bux a year for support. Avids reign is over and in these recessionary times people don't want to spend that kind of money and FCP is a very stable and feature filled piece of software. Its not where avid is yet but its almost there and its only in version 3. So I think with some time FCP and other open systems will make their way into high end markets and AVID has to wake up and smell the coffee and do the same and open up their software and don't try to make people do as they say.


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Jan 11, 2002
Los Angeles
I'd have to agree w/Nigel. Many Post houses in Hollywood have already phased out their AVIDs in favor of much cheaper systems running FCP for their off-line needs. As FCP gets better, and "off the shelf" hardware gets faster and cheaper AVID is gonna fade away as the leader unless they do something innovative.



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Feb 19, 2002
I've seen Avid Express DV 3 and it looks pretty darn good. While I'm very much a fan of FCP3, check out DV.com for their upcoming review of FCP3.

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Feb 24, 2002
DV Express exsits only becuse of FCP. I have seen it and it is nice, but as stated earlier in this thread, whats the point of buying a very similar app but without the expansion cap. of FCP. Plus I'm finally getting back at Avid for years of overtaxation...if thats a word. FCP 3 can do pretty much anything avid can as an offline sys. and onlining will always be expensive because of the hardware involved. At least I can save $90,000 bucks for my edit...

Avid will catch up, but there are alot of dedicated FCP users, and alot of people interested in buying it. Even in the high end FCP is a better bet . To set up a proper HDCAM 5:1 "uncompressed" FCP suite w/DECK would end up at about $75,000 ( BTW FCP 3 has an out of the box HD option W/ hardware of course ). I'd break it down but I'm tired. So What about Avid...Whats a base Symphony cost $110,000 bucks I don't even know...around there though. Then you add the HDCAM Deck and you r at likr $140,000 plus wahever hardware ness. for the Symphony to facilitate HD... Apple is on to something here...and if they r really smart they will buy Avid and corner this market they now have a small but sigmificant grasp on... They do have 4 Bil. in the bank.
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