Awesome file sharing for OSX!


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Oct 12, 2001
I have the app...I tried still doesn't beat the PC counterparts. I hate waiting for servers and once it finds them, it takes awhile for it to start downloading....


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May 6, 2002
Brooklyn, NYC
Originally posted by whfsdude
I use it, think it's a good start :) The devs need to put a little more time into it :)
yeah, i think it's still in semi-beta mode. the build is something weird like .62 so i guess it's still a work in progress. the search field has a dropdown arrow with nothing in it which i'm guessing will narrow your search by "audio", "apps", etc. and a few of the preferences don't function yet. overall it seems great though and much better and faster than java-based Limewire. i've been using it all evening and it looks to me like it's awesome for finding music and so-so for apps. i've been able to find some really obscure stuff which i can never find on Limewire. but as i said, there are less apps, and most are .zips or .exe for PC. anyway i dig it and i hope you guys enjoy it. you can even download the sourcecode if you want to have a stab at a little Cocoa programming. cheers.


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Nov 28, 2001
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as far as cocoa gnutella clients go i prefer fern. but neither acq or fern seem to work as well as limewire. its mostly just that gnutella sucks.

try open nap network clients. drumbeat, xnap, etc.

edonkey would be nice if i could figure the damn thing out. you see all you do is download mldonkey, download donkey-o matic, donwload cocoa donkey drag ml donkey to donkey o matic launch cocoa donkey locate ml donkney quit everything and launch cocoa donkey again, now as far as p2p apps go that easy right? <sarcasm>


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Jan 6, 2002
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Completely OT:
Al, that is an unreal 'tar you got there :) What on earth posessed you do to that? Did you take a the photos yourself or are they from the net?
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