Awesome iMac


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Jan 7, 2002
The new iMac is perfect, i dunno why u all r so dissapointed. The imac is very cheap and powerful!!! its perfect for us average-users.

u Pro that NEED a tower, wait until March for the g5, or get a dual 800 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
I want one!

I think it's damned innovative and definitely unlike anything anyone's seen in a production computer...

Way to go Apple!!!


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Jan 2, 2002

Other than being hugely pissed at no iwalk, and no G5's, and no satellite based Airport... I have to say the new iMac looks better than I expected. In fact, I even would say it is pretty dang cool. So what if it looks like a lamp? The old iMac looked like an egg or a cheap TV (one could whine) but the point is it looks nothing like a computer has before, looks funky, has panache and style, and looks NOTHING like ordinary peecees. It WILL sell (esp if they drop the price a hair) and it will HOPEFULLY inspire Apple to get off their ass and make more digital devices to connect to it, like a removable tablet screen and a FRICKIN PDA!!!! Look at the number of iWalk-related posts Steve!!!!!! Wrong market my @$$!

Anyway, I love the new iMac, very cool Apple!

(but don't listen to me, I bought a cube (real pain explaining to visitors that that's the entire computer and please stop touching it))...;)


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Jan 3, 2002
Let's look at the big picture!

Guys, let's put this into perspective.

What Apple has unleashed today is truly the revolution it is hyped up to be.

Realistically, I'm not the kind of user who would be attracted by this machine (except that it looks very cool), but I'm a professional user.

Big picture:

There is absolutely NO other manufacturer, XPiece of crap or not, that is thinking this way.

We are witnessing an historical shift, and our beloved Apple is at the heart of it. That shift is away from the mentality of "it's a computer, I need to expand the snot out of it, make sure everybody knows my MHz rating, and generally geek out". This is the WRONG way to think, Steve sees the future WAY BETTER than we do.

Don't think of it as a computer, think of it as the real future of the digital lifestyle (stolen from Steve, but totally true). Apple is lightyears ahead of beige cases, dumb buttons that say "go to the internet" and so on.

Can you imagine this future? Tis a future of homes where you use your computer as a natural part of your appliances...just like you would your toaster, TV, and so on. It is a future where the computer has a REAL PURPOSE in the home.

In short, it's a revolution. I'm disappointed by those of you who don't see it that way. We should all rejoice that Apple even THINKS about this future. Screw Gig this and Ghz DOESN'T MATTER! It's what we do with our computers and how they FIT OUR LIFE that matters. Not just to those of us who use computers on the job, but to those out there who don't.

This is every bit as important as the LISA or the 1984 Macintosh. Think about it. It changes everything.

I mean, damn! A computer that RECOGNIZES a camera when it sees it? That's incredible!


Good work, Steve. Innovate on, we're still here. 95% to go.


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Dec 21, 2001
buying an imac not a powermac

I've been waiting about 3 months for macworld to buy my first mac. To my disappointment, no new powermacs were released today. Now I'm considering the new imac. Its almost the same as the powermac I was considering 3 months ago (only I wanted a 17" lcd) and a whole lot cheaper. The money I save getting the imac can go toward my g5 fund :). I was just wondering if anyone else was in the market for a new powermac and is now getting an imac, or is everyone just holding off for macworld tokyo in the hopes of getting a g5.