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    Here is the the transcript of the Babya Expo Keynote Announcements. It began at 8am AEST

    Announcments are in chronological Babya Software Group Expo keynote transcript :
    Note: all new apps are freeware:

    -Welcome to Babya Software Group Expo
    -2003 has seen many updates
    -First, Babya Discoverer has a new version 8-it is feature rich and still freeware.
    -It is now like Avant Browser-has task panes and note taking
    -Based on WickedSoft's Netsurf 0.1
    -The good get better-Babya Media Player now plays movies and MP3 files.
    -But announcing the cornerstone of Babya freeware-bSuite
    -Includes all-new media player-bPlayer
    -Less resource intensive than WMP9
    -Babya bWorks comes too-Constellation, Babya Photo Workshop Pro
    -And let's place data on a grid. No ordinary spreadsheet, introducing Babya Grid
    -bPlayer can be customised with different interface colors, has visualisations.
    -Now to the .NET
    -Presenting Babya bCalc .NET 2.0 and Babya File Copy 5
    -All with new interfaces-flat style buttons.bCalc has tooltips
    -Next, please sign on to the all in one .Babya 2
    -It has links to bSuite and Babya System. Coded with .NET framework. Available next week
    -Babya bSuite is out next week too
    -bPlayer is under 1mb with VB6 runtimes installed.
    - Annoucing Babya System 2004 version 12.1
    -Includes all of the above and many more great new features
    -Available in late February. Standard and Pro versions
    -Babya Photo Workshop is the latest free image editing
    phenomenon. Nearly 500 downloads since November

    -New version 2 has an a simple slideshow function. Announcing it today.

    -And it will be able create standalone presentations. The name-Babya Presenter

    -Babya Presenter is included bSuite and Babya Photo Workshop and on it's own

    - Also announcing Babya System 2005 v 13.0

    -Available alongside version 12.1

    -New in v 13.0- like .Babya integration

    -Babya bPicture 04-all in one image browser

    -Finally Wav 2 MP3 Babya Edition-free way to make MP3 music files .wav files

    These can be used with VPC 6/7 once released.

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