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    The hulking facility sits threaded through with dust and cobwebs. It's main stage's central floor emblem obscured by time and flotsam. A figure stands outside and breathes deeply once before taking a large key ring from the pocket of his worn grey overcoat.

    " If the time has come again... so be it." He mutters from under his broad hat as he opens the locks with a significant clacking of iron, swings open the huge Oak doors and shuffles inside.

    He and the stadium share an air of dignified decrepitude. He shuffles along the hallways muttering to himself, smiling wanly as he reaches out to leave fingerprints in the dust on monuments and over paintings of famous battles fought here. The roar and chanting of great crowds fills his mind. As he walks down into the pits and up the ramp to the great main stage his back straightens with several audible pops, his shoulders swing back, arms falling more loosely to his sides, his head comes up.

    The figure reaches the center of the stage and pauses. His eyes close and he shrugs off hat and coat. Years fall from his features as the garment drops and disolves out of relevance. There is a deep breath and a long, reverberating exhale... Dust and debris fly off the stage in an expanding circle of bright floor until the breath ends. Silence, stillness. The darkness of the unlit hall deepens, palpable.

    There is the sudden radiance of a spotlight from high above, lighting both the figure and the AZC's coat of Arms beneath his feet. The rich lustre of black leather piped with red draw attention to the expressive, meditative face and it's harlequin mask of bright paint. His eyes snap open and the hall is as it has always been: Immaculate and packed with spectators.

    " Regulars and Demigods, Newbies of all ages. We are gathered here this day for the third annual Gladiatorial Pie Fight!"

    The figure comes alive, arms spread wide. A huge feral grin splits his face as hundreds of clowns, apes, monkeys and mimes pour from the gantries, cavorting and tumbling. They form into chaotic ranks as the esteemed DemiGods and senior members make their entry to the roar of a packed house.

    " Let the challenges commence!!"

    There is a blast of Fight music and a roll of lighting effects.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Nov 1, 2001
    As always, I'm in orbit watching from afar, *not* to be targeted unless someone would like me to push the big red button of bannination.....

    Don't tempt me

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    Jul 16, 2002
    Please Mr. Mischief, make mine a Chocolate Custard. :eek:

    (Julia Child died today, and suddenly I feel very hungry...)
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    "Prayer answered." (Grin)

    " In Honor of Mrs. Childe there will be NO low fat, carbless or vegetarian Pies."

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