Backing out of Lawsuit against Apple not easy!!!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by theBB, May 27, 2006.

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    Jan 3, 2006
    You gotta check out this story. The guy claims that he is trying to remove his name from the lawsuit against Apple about scratched iPod Nano, but apparently the attorneys are not letting him. Thye want their money, whether he wants to sue or not. :) Hilarious:

    Sounds too funny to be true...
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    Jan 20, 2005
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    I heard about this guy. I just can't believe that the lawyers he hired didn't pre-empt the Anti-SLAPP. That poor guy. The first day his lawyers got hold of the "scratch" lawsuit they should have publicized every document the guy had relating to his iPod and these scheisters. They couldn't stop him then b/c he hasn't signed anything making him party to the lawsuit, and they can't claim confidentiality or mis-trial w/o evidence of his signature. It's ridiculous that his totally imcopetant lawyers let it get that far. And even w/ the that. Calilfornia Has SLAPP-back laws since 2003 which allow for malicious prosecution charges to be leveled against the company filing the anti-SLAPP claim so that the discovery can be reinitiated immediately and all items covered by the anti-SLAPP become free from the gag order as evidence in the case about malicious prosecution. Is there nobody home on his legal team?

    Forget that, as long as he never signed any type of non-disclosure document, he could have stopped it w/ by calling Apple's Litigation Firm that afternoon (b/c they're still be at work if that suit was only 2 days old) "Good afternoon, Apple Litigation Firm X. This is Jason Tomczak. I just found out that I'm somehow the lead plaintiff in a class action law suit that I never wanted to be a part of and signed NO PIECE OF PAPER agreeing to be part of. And the lawyers who filed the suit are calling me demanding my signature. Just thought you should know that." By the time L.A. picked her (they're almost all girls these days) jaw up off the floor, a limo would have been @ his house to take him to one hell of a fancy hotel for the weekend cuz he's about to become RICH!

    end of song.

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