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    *smells the apple legal team warming up...*

    hang on a minute - I'm working on a mirror for the page, as it loads PAINFULLY SXLXxxxxOXxxxxxxxWXxxxxxxxxxxLXxxxxxxxxxxxxYXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    <edit>http://www.davidsond.com/brains-N-brawn.webarchive <- you'll need safari to open it (I think) but trust me, it's oodles faster.
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    Aug 2, 2005
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    So, instead I'll try to rip off the application as closely as possible? Yeah, nice logic.

    "i have never touched a Maserati in person ... nor would i ever want to. if i cant mod to it ... then whats the point?"

    "so, i'll build my own. oh, crap, it looks like a Kia instead..."
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    That much is obvious. FrontRow shows no signs of being a computer application; there's no menu bars and everything is scaled up so you can easily read it from 20 feet away. Since he continually states that this API is very simple to code to, why then did he overlook this simple usability feature?

    No it doesn't. A tremendous portion of the "functionality" of FrontRow is that you can push one button on a remote and start the interface. You don't have to touch the computer mouse or keyboard to enter or exit the interface.

    As for his comment that FrontRow is not innovative... Why then is he only trying to emulate this design AFTER Apple has released it? IF this was just so obvious and easy then why didn't he toss together a working prototype last month, before the Stevenote.
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    My favorite part of the article.

    so what was the point?
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    May 29, 2005
    I think this is purrrrty retarded. But that's just me :cool:
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    Jun 22, 2003
    I am loving the sweet irony that the very name of this app belies it's ridiculously crappiness.
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    Jun 22, 2003
    Hey! If you can't put an annoying muffler on a car to accentuate the miniscule size of your pecker, why would you want it. I personally KNOW that women get moist for miles around when they hear the sultry sound of a honda 2 litre with a glass pack. And the wing cheaply screwed to the decklid of the stock civic dx is definitely a testament to the owner's bad-assed-ness. If you haven't gathered already, I mostly loathe the kind of "tuner" cars that show up at Nopi. Every car is designed for a purpose. And granted, the Civic Si har room to grow, and is pretty much made for the tuner community, as is the Nissan skyline. Now that I've veered so wildly off course, I'll pull her back with a final comment: All things are made for a purpose. That's why don't glue styrofoam wings to my G5, push it out a tenth story window, and call it an airliner. Sure, you can mod something to do whatever you want, but. . . What's the point?
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    The one good thing is.....

    Well, its not all bad. I mean, at least he likes Aqua Teen Hunger Force (ATHF):D
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    Nov 1, 2005
    Did anyone bother to re-read the entire article? Not the MacBytes one, the one written byt the BackRow developer?

    The guy clearly states that his motivation is to see how quickly he can develop an engineers' prototype of a simple presentation UI. Indeed, that is one of his main reasons for choosing FrontRow over Microsoft's media center - the UI is cleaner and smaller.

    The entire project was intended as an academic excercise so that he can get a feel for the possibilities and limitations of WPF. The code was designed to be thrown away, not to be turned into a professional product. It is something that software engineers do all the time to learn new technologies.

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    Oct 7, 2005
    This was a very insightful article to read. I now feel like I know exactly how Microsoft develops their software. :D

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