Banging tunes to test EarPods bass


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Jun 20, 2011
Put on for my city - Young jeezy

Different levels of bass make great for tests.


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Sep 13, 2012
i know dubstep gets a lot of hate, mainly because us americans have ruined the genre from what it's original UK sound aimed for. that being said. this track is a perfect test for frequency range inspection and quality. its an original dubstep track from one of the pioneers of the genre, "Benga" track is called "26 Basslines" and incorporates various wave form synthesis (sine, square, saw, mixes of different) and has good low end. basically the track is banging. this is what dubstep was like before it turned into a massive fad.

and heres a dubstep track i produced a few years ago that has a good low end sine bass LFO towards the end. sounds decent on my earpods.
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