Bankrupt school districts being forced to spend whats left on more security (opinion)

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by PracticalMac, May 22, 2018.

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    Bankrupt school districts being forced to spend whats left on more security (opinion).

    Something that came out of the Santa Fe shooting mindless tragedy (which, BTW, is literally down the road from where I live, Hw 6 a few miles away) that is not getting much discussion is the costs of added security.

    I am sure everyone is quite aware of the wave of teacher strikes across the country of educators and personal seeing a raise in pay they have not received in years, even decades. Collection of NPR reports here.

    And now in making our schools (and children) safe, what money is left is being spend on military base level of security and enforcement. Or as some have said, a prison system.
    It looks, America is becoming a police state.

    Naturally the quality of education in America, even among quality schools (public and private) will fall and the purpose is made less important (monies going to sports and security over science and arts).

    My estimate (opinion alert!) to that even approach the quality of education during the Reagan era at least, at least a 4x more funding is needed, which means a massive revenue increase (while guess alert!) on the order of 2x increase in various taxes.
    (and to reiterate, a good chunk of that is for security).

    Insult to the deplorable situation is what is taught is becoming irrelevant, often even useless information. Calculus does not help in resolving day to day situations. Conflict resolution, support systems, even a monthly talk with counselors instead of English class could be more beneficial.
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    Well since trump is very much for armed guards and the like in public schools, fund these security measures on a federal money. Put up or shut up.
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    Regarding these recent school shootings..... My personal opinion is kids are not being taught hope to cope with life anymore.

    Kids being raised in the 'social justice warrior, everyone's a victim, everyone's offended, everyone's entitled to everything' nonsense...... yeesh.... and I thought it was tough when I was a kid.

    I'm no gun nut either.... definitely lots of room for more regulations there to prevent kids from getting their hands on a gun in the first place..... but the core of this is there are so so so many terrible parents out there now that are just clueless on how to prepare a person to function in society.
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    That would require a complete overhaul of the purpose of education (not adding those things, but replacing traditional academia with them). And how much of a parents' role should the school take on? If we recognize that parents aren't doing their part, should the schools take their place?

    It seems that beefing up security is another band-aid solution. It's still not getting at the root of the problem and is potentially making school a more stressful unpleasant place.

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