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Aug 14, 2009
Essex, UK
Just saw the advert for the new RFID tags they're trying to roll out for their contactless paying system (as seen here), yada yada yada, you all know how this stuff works..

Anyway, i was wondering if this will actually work through glass if i were to fit inside my i4. I'm pretty sure space wont be an issues as these are pretty thin (going buy the set of 'blank' chips my mate bought to use with his Nexus). Would the glass affect it? Just an idea really, as i probably wouldn't bother sticking it to the back (too obvious) and i dont use a case..

Will probably takes weeks and weeks to arrive, so i'll probably forget by then, but it's just a thought..

Cheers :apple:


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Mar 25, 2009
Lincoln, England
It depends on the strength of the tag. Nfc tags have different strengths which affect the range they can be read at.

They're readable through glass as long as the range is adequate.
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