Barefeats' Rob M. baffled by Apple's iMacG5 VS G4 Graphics Benchmarks

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    Apr 28, 2004
    Barefeats Findings:

    My posting last week of HALO and UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 results created such a controversy that I decided to devote a special page to iMac G5 3D Game results. We chose those two apps since they are the newest and best examples of first person 3D accelerated games.

    Not having attended Mac Expo in Paris and not having paid close attention to Apple's iMac G5 web pages, I didn't realize that Apple had compared the iMac G5 and iMac G4 using the same two 3D games that I chose. Their results showed the iMac G5 to be as much as 212% faster than the iMac G4. My results showed it to be only 12% faster at most.

    My report obviously got Apple's attention because they contacted me to see what I was doing differently. I sent them all my information on hardware and software and settings. I expected them to reciprocate but, so far, the only bit of information I could get from them is that they used the lowest quality settings. I had used high to highest settings.

    So I made two 120 mile round trips during the last two days to remote sites so I could retest the fastest iMac G5 and fastest iMac G4 with the lowest quality settings for both Halo and UT2004. Here are the results:

    Barefeats Findings:

    Apple Marks

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