Battery life and beachball with Safari on 10.14.6 with 2016 MBP?


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Oct 1, 2007
I have a 2016 no touch bar base config 8GB/256GB SSD.

I hopped into my external SSD partition of Mojave on 10.14.6 to update some iDevices to iOS 13.3 (in anticipation of jailbreak, and having a good enough experience on my 2017 12.9 for past several weeks, gulp). My internal SSD is still on 10.12.6 Sierra and whizzing along

My questions are

A) how is battery life
B) how often is Safari beach balling?
and maybe C) beach balling in general OS wide

Because I noticed a big dip in battery on Mojave, and have in the past even with casual use and not updating firmwares and downloading them, etc.

Same with a handful of safari tabs open, pretty slow.

Anyways, I wonder if thats going to be my experience if I were to install it on internal SSD too

I have a feeling loading the OS from external contributes to both a little, but not sure if its a lot or not.. tend to think more Mojave but these are my pressing concerns.

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