Battery life of Wifi vs. Battery Life of Wifi & 3G?


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Feb 26, 2008
I'm starting to get curious about how much more of drain we are going to see when the 3G arrives.

I don't think I have seen any thoughts on this, perhaps because no one has one has one but would it be fair to say that those units with both are going to be more taxing on battery life therefore we can expect less overall battery time on it.

Let the projections begin!


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Apr 6, 2010
If I use my iPhone to tether the 3G my phones battery does drain much faster. I would expect the same with the iPad 3G. Perhaps that's why folks are getting > than 10 hrs on the wifi.


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Apr 6, 2010
St. Louis, MO
I think it will be interesting to see what the Wi-Fi + 3G iPad Battery life is gonna be like. I think there won't be to much difference. The one thing I am interested in knowing is will the 3G work good running around everywhere?

I am holding out to see what the 3G version is gonna perform like, but I just might hold out till the second gen iPad comes out. When that will be who knows.