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Oct 18, 2022
Which IPad Model do you think will have the best battery life? Looking more into it, I believe that the 16 GB model for the M2 is going to have a much shorter battery life due to the IPad having to work more; however, I think the 256 GB and 512 GB M2 models might be the sweet spot as they have the most storage and will have a power-efficient M2, and shouldn't throttle as much. I wonder, suppose that the 16 GB model has thermal issues. What are everyone’s thoughts? I know many people are bummed about this model, but not everyone has an Ipad and having an M2 as their first iPad is overkill. If the 2018 model is still getting updates, this M2 will be set for the next 5 years. Assuming Apple continues this momentum with IpadOS17, it's exciting times for a new Ipad user!🤞👏
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