Battery or Airplane/Auto Adaptor for iBook

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    Sep 9, 2003
    I need an additional source of power for my computer. It is a toss up between either the Air/Auto adaptor or an extra battery for my iBook. I am not sure which to get.

    I see the benifits of the battery is that it is less hassle to carry (a tiny square versus all the cables) and I can use later on if my primary battery starts going. The downside is that it is about $30 more and my time is limited to the length of two batteries.

    The adaptor is cheaper and provides unlimited power while I am in a car. I say only a car, because the last time I took a cross country trip on a plane the seats were not equiped to plug into.

    I am wondering if I should just get the auto/air adapter or should I get the extra battery and then later on get a $30 adapter for the car (I read somewhere on the forums of someone doing this).

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    Availability of seat power outlets varies considerably from carrier to carrier.

    On one extreme are (low-cost or regional) carriers that do not provide seat power outlets (JetBlue, Southwest, Alaska Air).

    On the other extreme are carriers such as USAir which provides seat power outlets on ALL seats, but only on their Airbus planes.

    According to United's website, there are no plans to equip power outlets in economy class regardless of aircraft type. Business and First class are fully equipped.

    According to American Airlines, selected rows in economy class are equipped with cigarette lighter-style power adapters. Business and First class are fully equipped. Additionally, "Powerports are offered on all Boeing 777, 767, 737, Airbus 300 and Fokker 100 aircraft. Most Boeing 757 and Boeing Super 80 aircraft offer powerports. Powerports are not available on aircraft with flight number ranges 2800-2999."

    Always a good idea to check whether the aircraft and class-of-service provide power outlets and the type of outlet provided. Buy accordingly.
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    Sep 9, 2003
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    first of all, don't do that bump thing. it might get you banned, it's an annoying spam.

    i'd recommend getting an extra battery and a voltage inverter. inverter can be had for $20-30 and will convert your DC battery power outlet in your car into an AC outlet. so you can just plug in the iBook AC adapter. (and it can be used with other appliances - cell phone, CD player, iPod, etc.)

    like the prev. poster said, availability of plane adapter is not always a guarantee. and with an inverter available, i find specialized car adapter to be quite useless and a ripoff.

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