BBC News: Apple's iPhone launches no longer excite. Apple now spending only 2% on R&D

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iPad 2, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Mar 4, 2011
    Do you think there is any truth to this viewpoint?
    Google US$ 37.905 billion (2011) so 14%: US$ 5.3 billion
    MS US$ 73.72 billion (2012) so 14%: US$ 10.3 billion
    Apple US$ 108.249 billion (2011) so 2%: US$ 2.1 billion

    All revenues.

    I absolutely love my iPhone and iPad but Apple is definitely starting to stagnate.

    The last big innovation that Apple made was upgrading all their devices to super high fidelty retina resolutions. Steve Jobs had his hands all over that.

    Before that was the iPad.

    Prior to that, the last big innovation by Apple was the Macbook Air, practically inventing the Ultrabook segment of the laptop market.

    But since Steve Jobs' passing, I have yet to see any actual pushing of technology by Apple.

    Stop focusing on profits and start focusing on revolutioning another market segment Tim. That's what Steve Jobs would be doing if he was alive today.
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