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Apr 12, 2001
It seems life has gone full circle. When Apple was shopping for a new OS, Be was everyone's favorite choice... well, everyone except Apple.

Be's been in some financial difficulty, as well as a change in their focus (to an appliance OS)... Now, The Register reports that Be has found itself a buyer:

Be's close relationship with Sony, the product of much speculation over the last six months or so, makes the Japanese giant a leading candidate for the post of Be buyer, but other IT and consumer electronics companies can't be ruled out.

It may be interesting where Be settles...


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Jul 7, 2001

Let's hope that Sony starts putting BeOS on their computers and starts to get software makers to jump on the Be bandwagon. To hell with microsoft. BeOS is cool anyhow.

I know that this is not going to happen, but for a while Sony did put Corel's StarOffice on their PCs instead of Microsoft Office. StarOffice is very powerful, can save/open/edit office files, and is FREE!!!! If I still ran a PC, I would run Staroffice completely. I use this example to prove that Sony does go out on limbs sometimes, and I hope that they continue with BeOS.



Be futuristic!!

I learnt about be when I first read Jim Carlton's book, and fell in love with the OS. I was very disappointed when I found my old 6116 NuBus was too old and my G3 Blueberry was too new. OS X is cool, but to be honest, was not my first choice. I see the OS X is moving towards Next with the moveability of the Dock, and think that that is great. But my G3 is a 450, with two ata 33 drives and 512 of RAM. If Sony puts Be on a Viao, I will think really hard before I by a Quicksilver.



Star Office

Star Office is from Sun. Not Corel ;)


Palm buys Be's IP

I believe I read somewhere that Palm is in the process of buying Be's intellectual property.
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