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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by KJTMS, Dec 28, 2007.

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    Dec 18, 2007
    there was a post asking about what maintenance to do n the MacBook Pro. I touched my first Mac computer 5 months ago and I am still having a really hard time with how different it all is.

    There is a post on the (or something like that) which this Expert goes through all the maintenance including virus and spyware applications. I was very interested because it was really hard moving to a Mac and not hearing that I do not need any protection or regular maintenance.

    I came across this website that is for a free security program for Macs. I do not have the knowledge to understand what it is the developer is saying why it is so good but maybe someone can help me. Here it is:

    Back to the first paragraph. (A slight detour to keep yawl engaged.) So, the Expert, as I said, listed a lot of regular stuff someone should do. I was trying to find that thread again because I had a very quick and unusual experience happened to me while on the internet trying to find some info about extending a tenants lease. I clicked this link and all of the sudden on my monitor, it was like the 4th of July. It all occurred so quickly but was real and my notebook has not been the same. "Minor" things are off, like the touch-pad colors everything pink when I move it across the screen, it drags pictures, opens links, etc., and it never did this before this "July 4th" episode.

    All the sudden 4 of the same named filed were instantly downloaded and quickly installed on my desktop. it took me to a page where lights were flashing and Trojan and virus attacks words with a bunch of Christmas lights flashing. it was very odd.

    Anyway, my home (house) folder was renamed so I called into the help desk and this lady that was getting help via walkie-talkie to someone she said was telling "me what to tell you to do for your problem." I know how 2 accounts called the same name as user accounts but taking up a bunch of extra space that I would like to get rid of.

    The other questions I had beside did anybody want to help me try to get rid of this first "home account" that was made when the virus o spyware or ad-ware was installed.

    I also purchased VMWare Fusion from the or so I could try to get some of my Windoez programs up and running. BTW, would this VMWare Fusion Program be considered an operating system? I know it will allow me to install XP (which I need, well prefer; for some classes I teach via Web-CT)

    Anybody want to help me get rid of one of the accounts? The first one looks like the computer display looked when I first got the MBP and turned it on, so I think that would be the one to go since there is not any personal docs that I can find on it, but I do not have the knowledge to know the connection between the one the AppleCare girl made and the one I had before I renamed my home folder and created al of this.

    I cannot get anybody at AppleCare to either help me or understand what it is I want to do (even after I ask them to look at the case #).

    Thanks and Happy New Year. Sorry about my spelling being so bad. I am doing everything to try and keep my head from getting more cuts from falling down asleep on the edge of the notebook. ;-)

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    Dec 2, 2003
    My suggestion is to keep your posts short, clear and on topic, because I read through your post and I really have no idea what your point or question is. Just state the specific problem you have and any pertinent details, such as the type of Mac you're using and it's specs, and the exact error message you're encountering, or whatever.
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    Mar 31, 2007
    Maybe follow up on this thread with numbered questions, I think you might have 2 questions in there but simple ones like help?

    1) I clicked on a website now my mac isnt right (listing the website, the faults and also what it was you actually downloaded)
    2) next question
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    Aug 30, 2006
    Being as patient as possible, what I was able to get is that you want to be able to remove one of the accounts on your machine. Correct?

    First of all, let's begin by saving all your documents, files, music, and whatever you need in case something goes wrong.

    Since one of the accounts is possibly "infected", as hard as that is to believe on OS X, what you can do is make a new account.

    System Prefs > Accounts > "+" > Make an admin account.

    Once you have a new account, log in using the new account and go in and delete the old account(s). Just make sure to save all the files and whatever in those accounts.

    Since it seems that you have downloaded something "bad" and had it been my machine, I would just opt to do a clean reinstall of OS X. IF you can't, just post back on this thread letting us know what it is exactly that happened.

    As for anti-virus and anti-spyware apps for OS X, you really don't need any of them. As for ClamXAV, it is used to prevent the spread of viruses from OS X to Windows users. It's not really meant to protect OS X users.

    Second question I seem to have also read is asking whether VMware Fusion is an OS? It's nothing but an emulating application for Windows XP. Windows XP is the OS, not Fusion. What fusion does is run XP (Guest OS) in an isolated environment (OS X which is the host OS).
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    Sun Baked

    May 19, 2002
    There is/was a trojan that says, to view this video you have to upgrade the codec -- this requires the user to install it on the machine and type the password.

    After that, the machine will act funky and give you pop up hell.


    Hope you didn't get fooled into that.

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