Beachball screwed my GUI!


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May 2, 2002
I downloaded the program Beachball, to change your wait cursor. Anyhow, the installation 'failed' for whatever reason, but it (luckily) backed up my CoreGraphics. Anyhow, as soon as that failed, I didn't really pay much attention to it until Iclicked on one of my hard drives and noticed that there WASNT ANYHTING IN IT ANYMORE. I panicked, but lo and behold, Get Infol said the drive was still half full. Anyhow, I quickly replaced CoreGraphics, and then the icon disappeared! I then restarted and ran Disk Utility form the Jag. boot disk, and it said the drive was OK. So I restarted and it was back to normal: phew. Anyhow I thought everything was OK until I just tried to remove something from my Dock, it wouldn't let me. Then this happened (this has been happening in all windows, including 'save' or 'open' dialog boxes):



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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA

thats really strange... I just ran Beachball my self... and it worked great. I have only read good reviews of the app.

I hope you find a cure.. that sounds bizar.



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Dec 9, 2001
State of Denial
turn on crash reporting in the Console in Applications>Utilities, and (if you want) recreate the problem. I'll bet 'coreservicesd' crashed. It seems to happen quite a bit when certain things (disk images, system mods) aren't perfectly coded. It has the same symptoms and is essentially a kernal panic w/out a crash.