Beat X is a no go for me, sticking with my Mw600

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by zipur, Feb 11, 2017.

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    Reading up on the Beats X and AirPods which I like but fear loosing one and no controls, I've decided to sit out this round. So I'm sticking its these; the Sony mw600. I use it with my Bose wired headset sounds great and works for me. I can switch out the ear peace with a variety of different "wired" headsets/earbuds, turning them into Bluetooth headsets when plugged into the MW600. This give me choices an I don't have to dump my old earbuds with my Iphone7. There is no loose in sound signature and I love the fit of my Bose. On the downside the clip snapped off. But it's not an issue since i normally just have it hangin in my pocket. I was able to add a small keychain belt clip which turned out to work even better for me. The MW600 pairs with my iPhone, MacBook and iPad. The cool thing is that when the MW600 dies after 7 hours of use (in my case) i Just plug in my Bose directly to my IPad and dint skip a beat. This is really a killer option for those of you who love their current earbud or headset and now have an IPhone 7. It give you the choice to use what fits you ear.

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    Haha, love it!

    I used these for years, going back to 2011 iirc. First one battery died, had used it for years though, god knows how many cycles. Bought a second one in the early days as a backup, used that for a long time until I replaced it with Plantronics Backbeat Go2's.

    AirPods these days, love them. Still use Plantronics for gym and occasions where I really need the noise isolation.

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