Before I plunk down the cash for TomTom I still have a few questions

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by dontwalkhand, Aug 17, 2009.

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    I currently have Navigon, and before I plunk down the cash for TomTom, I still have a few questions.

    1. Navigon currently gives me a "Caution" when I go over the speed limit, I can set the rate of when it warns me etc. Does TomTom do this speed limit warning, as well as tell me what the speed limit of a certain road is, if the data is available? Also, does it have a built in "Speedometer" like Navigon? The speedometer in the car isn't all too accurate, so the funny thing is, the Navigon Speedometer is more accurate than the one in my car. (Compared with a digital speed limit sign that tells me what my speed is)

    2. I have a car mount already, are there any advantages to using the TomTom car kit, besides the built in speaker?

    3. With Navigon, when I am playing music through my car audio system, the navigation instructions get read over the music on the car speakers, the way I prefer it. Is this the case with TomTom?

    4. Is there a way to drive with just the map screen without a route set? I use this a lot so I can get my speed limit warnings, without actually needing navigation. This is linked to number one.

    5. I would love to keep both apps on my iPhone, but these apps take up GIGS each. And obviously even after spending money for Navigon, while it may be good, I feel that there is something more left to be desired.

    6. Does it have that lane assistance thing that Navigon has/Road sign views?

    Thanks guys for answering my questions, so that way I know if it is worth it to switch away from Navigon to TomTom, or just stick with Navigon for now. The problem I have with Navigon is the small POI database, as well as the fact that map data seems more out of date compared to TeleAtlas maps.
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    See my review here. Should answer your questions

    Note: On TT, when playing music, it will pause the music, give you your direction then resume. Also, the speed limit functionality is not the same on TT as it is on navigon. However, it does display your speed but thats about it. Also, the TT kit has built in GPS receiver that is supposed to be stronger than the iphones for better GPS reception. But wont know til its out.

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