Behind the Gold Curtain - the real Donald Trump

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    Nope -- not even a great businessman. Nothing there of any real substance Trump fans -- you have been duped:

    "The professional biography of Trump hardly inspires confidence.

    Trump’s primary claim to fame is as a Manhattan real-estate developer. He inherited this profession (and his economic worldview) from his father. But it’s worth stressing that within the world of Manhattan real estate, Trump is a relatively minor player. Yes, there are about a dozen buildings in New York City that bear his name, but nearly all are branding relationships, not actual ownership. He sits so far down the pecking order of Manhattan real estate that Adam Pincus, head of research at the industry publication The Real Deal, doesn’t recall ever including Trump or his companies in their major rankings of developers, owners or property managers. Likewise, Trump’s importance in the industry of casinos and luxury resorts is far below what his public reputation might suggest. After multiple bankruptcies, Trump no longer owns any casinos; he owns only nine hotels, with three more said to be “coming soon.”

    Through Trump Productions, he has enjoyed remarkable success with his TV show “The Apprentice.” But of course, that series does not fundamentally belong to him: It was created by Mark Burnett, who cast Trump in the lead. And while Trump’s television franchise at least enjoyed one successful idea before petering out, most of his brand-specific businesses have simply failed outright. The frenetic, panicky way in which he thrusts his name on different products pell-mell — steaks and ties and wine and bottled water and suits and fragrance — has engendered what any corporate branding expert would call “brand confusion.” (What are you communicating when you wear a Trump-branded suit — $143 on Amazon — to a job interview? That you are brash and ambitious? Cocky on the cheap? Or that you don’t know much about suits?)

    His scattershot approach to branding might also hint at cash-flow issues. As a certified billionaire, Mark Cuban recently said in a radio interview: “When you’re putting your name on steaks, you’re putting your name on water, you’re putting your name on playing cards, you’re putting your name on all this nonsense, right, you’re not going to make big bucks, no matter what.” He recalls asking Trump: “What the hell are you doing? Are you that desperate for money?” Based on his read of Trump’s election filings, which showed only $165 million in liquid assets, Cuban harbors doubts about whether Trump is even a billionaire as he claims.

    Recent revelations about Trump University, the failed for-profit college that Trump founded in 2005, have centered around the savagely cynical manner in which sales reps separated students from their money, with an array of high-pressure tactics that included encouraging financially challenged prospects to open up new credit-card accounts in order to pay. But the more striking question is Cuban’s: why a man with as much money as Trump claims to have, presiding over as many successful ventures as Trump claims to own, would stoop to start up a boiler-room business like Trump University, squeezing out revenues from would-be students a few thousand dollars at a time. The fact that he did — even if that decision doesn’t point, as Cuban suggests, to an outright desperation for cash — speaks volumes about Trump’s utter inability to calibrate risk and reward.

    When you try to weigh Trump’s record as a businessman, you quickly find that there’s nothing of substance. Think of the characteristics you might find noteworthy in a business leader: A vision of the future? A single-minded focus on excellence? Discrimination and judgment? He’s no visionary, no Steve Jobs who forges new things. Trump’s accomplishments have come from replicating the products and services of others. He seems to lack any instinct for righting a sinking ship. Despite the declarations of his backers that he’ll “get the best people,” his organizations have hardly been magnets for talent — as evidenced by the fact that his leadership teams so often consist of people whose last names are Trump or whose sole accomplishment is having worked for him."
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    The only thing that matters to most is the R or the D
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    República Cascadia
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    There must be some kind of hair award he can proudly and honestly claim.
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    A wasted written effort, as has all prior diatribes. Its minor benefit is that of an opiate for the Left.
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    I thought we all new this anyway - hence his ripping off charities, old people, poor people, minorities etc, etc.

    However the Trumpettes as usual can't see the forest for the trees or should that be charlatan for the toupee?
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    And it doesn't bother you at all? Why? Explain why Trump would still be appealing to you as a candidate (not why you don't like the other choice), but why Trump himself has any appeal in light of this?
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    Which is what is really sad. Because what matters to me is not that Hillary is a D, but that Trump is a façade, a sham and a fraud, with no real experience in this realm. Palin squared.
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    I don't think that's fair on Palin - she
    was just not very smart, eloquent or able to deal with large issues. Trump on the other hand knows full well what he is doing, doesn't actually believe the crap he spouts and is only in it for the ego trip - he most certainly does not have America or Americans best interests at heart.
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    I think a hyphen is needed in here somewhere.
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    These people don't care about his experience, his knowledge, his dubious successes, or strings of failures. They just see one thing: a loud, brash, egotistical, authoritarian, and they love it. I tend to think a lot of these guys probably go to dominatrixes.
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    Such as this guy who says he identifies more with them?

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    Key word: "Authoritarian", the rest is up for debate (and for any candidate). Especially when voting for leaders, that little trait is bound to come in handy. What's truly dubious is the claim of the Libertarian party, whose beliefs seem ironic and antithetical...
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    She'd gotten farther than Bernie had, though the Primaries are not quite over yet and there are ways Sanders can still win the nomination, albeit not many.
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    A wasted written effort? Ha! Thank you for that phrase. I will be sure to start using it on your own posts. :D

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