iPhone Being able to read/see/use the menus in Phone app in Landscape mode

Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by mortenandersen, Apr 27, 2016.

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    I am now using iOS 9.3.1 on my iPhone 6s Plus. Often I have the iPhone 6s Plus standing tilted in Landscape mode on my office table in a cover that makes such a position comfortable and useful. Both for reading/writing emails and SMSs and other writing and reading iBooks, and so forth. I also use the iPhone 6s Plus in this Landscape position often when making and receiving calls, but as far as I know, there is in iOS 9.3.1 not possible to make the menus of the phone "app" itself to shift to Landscape mode. All the icons and text remains in portrait mode, and this is an annoying and, I think, unnessary "limitation". The iPhone should show the text and icons of the "phone app" (that is: when making and receiving calls) also in Landscape mode, just as what is possible in for instance "message mode" and "email mode".

    My questions are: Is there a way that I don't know about to make this useful (and natural) shift possible?

    And if there is no such possibility in the iOS 9.3.1: I will suggest that the developers of the next version of the iOS take the step to make Landscape mode possible also when using the iPhone standing tilted on a table in a cover that makes such a position possible.

    Hope someone can comment on this, or point to a solution that I don't know of now.
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    Apple hasn't designed the Phone app to support landscape orientation. Hard to say if they will at some point.

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