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Jan 8, 2002
its so funny to see poor ms users thinking xp ( extremely poor :) ) is the best os and owning a pc is cool. these guys which i call windowheads, only think of the numbers of the expension slots and the cpu speed. and using an extremely unstable machine like pc is cool but one tay they will understand the true power,stability and the personality mac has. everyone adores the sleep effect of the computers and i saw many people say - ohh isnt it cute :) , thats what i am talking about no pc has a personality and their only job is to cause problems so one day ms will be bankrupt and the master will dominate the industry with millions happy users :cool:


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Oct 28, 2001
Greensboro, NC
m$ will never be bankrupt because they own too much and push to own more.

have you heard of blackcomb?? its the new OS they have been working on in earnest since beta2 of whistler (XP). essentially it is the internet delivered to the user as an OS. Think Internet Explorer as an operating system and you are getting the drift.

With an OS such as this, m$ can charge using an annual service fees model instead of a onetime software buyout.

big brother is watching, and he has pie on his face.


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Dec 6, 2001
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This is another long-debated discussion here on MacRumors.

If anyone knows anything about Apple, they know that Apple does not want overall dominace of the computer market. They enjoy being the elite, stylish alternative to the Windows platform, and the Gateway/Compaq/IBM ugly grey boxes. And users, by and large, enjoy being the few and far between who tote fancy PowerBooks. We look cooler, and feel more satisfied knowing that we arent being raped by Microsoft.

On the flip side, Apple does want to capture some of the home, school, and creative business that was lost in the mid/late nineties, before the iMac. 10-15% marketshare is absolutely ideal for Apple. Anything over 25 is getting too big. -And, of course, 5 is too small.

So dont preach about Apple becoming the dominant computer system because a) It will never happen. Microsoft is too dug in and rich b) Apple and its users dont want to be the majority. They want to stay on the cutting edge, and look good doing it. More importantly, they still want to be the FRIENDLY computer company, yet remain stylish.

Microsoft is certainly NOT a friendly company. Apple definately is.


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Jan 7, 2002
ah, a true machead. LOL :D

I use both platforms, so I will say this for M$. Windows 2000 is suprisingly stable and can handle program crashes quite well. It supports a wide range of hardware and processors, and if you know what you're doing, you can build a decent wintel system with brand name parts for a fraction of the cost of a Mac. Also, software for the PC still has a larger selection for the Macintosh. For instance, in gaming and entertainment titles, and even something small like personal finance (I like Microsoft Money 98 WAY better than Mac Quicken products).

With that said, creative professionals are better off on a platform that is intuitive and innovative like the Mac OS, not to mention the benefits of Altivec-enabled software that, even though once destroyed, now bridges the megahertz gap. And with the upcoming new towers, we'll be in for a treat.

Apple continues to retain a loyal following, and it's not simply due to 'cool' products, but that these products have proven themselves as a better way to work and play.


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Dec 6, 2001
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Dont get me wrong-

Im not arguing the fact that Apple's are only cool because they 'look' cool. I was only mentioning that Apple does not have the intent to take over the home computer market.

Performance is an entirely different issue. In actuality, I use three different systems (Win, Mac, Unix) and can see the power and benefits of each. Bottom line is, buy and use the computer that best suits your individual needs.

Many times, Unix is definately the way to go, especially in the 3D business and some networking. It is cleaner (albiet, takes more training and technical know-how) and less buggy.

Apple is great for a wide range of uses, and is just as powerful (if not more powerful than) than most Windows/Intel systems. Its the creative machine of choice, and uses an intuitive and enjoyable OS.

Windows is powerful, but impersonal and sometimes clunky. It is full of bugs, but the software selection is high.

We could argue all day about which system is better, but it still comes down to preference.
Bottom line for me: I feel better, more comfortable, and feel like I can do more with Apple computer.


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May 4, 2001
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Well, macobserver had a link to an article a long time ago comparing 2000 number vs 1995 numbers. 5% now is roughly more users than 15% 5-6 years ago. Also, 5% of the total market is not as bad as you think. Mainly because that contains everything from servers to home use. So when you say 5%, you are talking about the prodominant PC working market, the Unix predominant server market, etc. etc.

Also with software, since MAC OS X came onto the seen, I have been seeing a lot more apps being ported to MAC. Mainly hundreds of Freeware and Shareware applicaations.

Plus there are some other thigns, like Mac users spend way more per user than the pc market, and Mac users are more willing to test the waters.


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Nov 30, 2001
"Apple does not want to dominate"

I saw one quote on the net the day after the iPod unveiling, that might shed some light on this topic. When questioned why Apple did not provide a Windows app to connect the iPod to a WinTel box, an Apple employee responded "why make a MP3 player for all PC users, when we can make a MP3 player for the elite 5%" (or something like that)...

And, it's actually quite cool to know I have the coolest MP3 player in the world, and that I'm in that 5% elite who is able to use it!!! (got mine two days ago - WOOHOOO!)