Belated Birthday


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May 9, 2001
And my birthday is TODAY!!! I'm getting 27 and I really want to get back to my 17's, ten years ago I lost my virginity with the most extraordinary german girl, I have less hair on my head, I can't party until late any more, I have to pay for my computers, I have to work to get the car that I want, my mother still thinking I'm 14, I'm about to get married, I have allways been too lazy to take a music lesson for a year... that was 10 years ago, I still thinking I'am young but the little brothers of my friends from high school have their own companies... So, I think that 27 is not what I spected but lets make it rule any way!



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Feb 5, 2002
San Francisco

And mine was on the 23rd :) And I'm now 23, oh great :))

Happy Bday Stevie!! May you have many more years of genius...

I have one wish for my bday:

1. to find a job in some apple related company or even apple itself in london, uk...

please, please, pleaaaaaase...

(things are really bad after sep11)

oh well,


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Jan 1, 2002
Pittsburgh, PA
Nice post....

Looks like Adobe was waiting for Steve's birthday to announce Photoshop 7. What a gift. Although we all would have loved an early gift to the Leader by Adobe....

Mymemory, great post. I know how it feels (25 nearing 26) and I can feel things changing. Perpsectives changing, reckless ways waning.... but hell, I am a whole hell of a lot less akward now than before. And essentially happier. Now if that girl would only wise up and see what a gem I am....




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Oct 25, 2001
Happy brithday mymemory!

Forget about Steve, let's all wish mymemory a happy birthday. Believe me, mymemory, I know how you feel.

My birthday is coming in June and I will be 28!
How the hell did that happen?

I'm starting to feel like my handle...


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Nov 8, 2001
Northern, NJ
All you young whipper-snappers...

It's no where near my bday, (i'm 30) over the hill and remember back in the art history class, the futurists who said that they didn't think people over 30 had anything worthy to contribute. Judging by my post, they might be right.

SO happy birthday to all the bday peeps.


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May 9, 2001
Thanks buddys!

27 is just one of the bunch (but it hurts!), what is having me a bit down is what I was expecting to accomplish at this point of my life, but looks like is gonna take a little longer.

As everybody should tell about now, my country is falling in to the same situation as Colombia, everything because of a president that was choosen 3 years ago behind the mask of a democrat. Of course I didn't expect to be living with my parents at this time in my life, no jobs, evrything got 45% more expensi last week but... my parents are cool!

My grand mother was from Puerto Rico, she died 3 years ago, but is was enought for my mother to get the US citizenship, so I'm getting mine in about 6 months. I'm not that crazzy about moving to the US, specially because people as crazzy as this one I will never find, but the US is long way fun if you have the ability to split your mind between the 2 cultures.

For my birthday I just wish the telecomunications help us to understand each others needs and illutions in place of letting us to play Doom over the internet.

I have seen that the only problem in the world is a lack of undertanding and a over development of paradigmas and cliches (gringos are this way, germans are that way, latins sings la cucaracha...). The only way to avoid that is traveling :cool: but at list for a year to some other country, specially one not realted at all with your language. It is gonna take time but that is the way.

Any way, tonight I was supposed to have a party in my house but I had to supend it because there is a meeting (a political one) that I have to asist. So the party is next friday (at this time the country is first).

Thanx for everything and take care :) .


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Feb 25, 2002
I turned 24 on the 24th!

Yeah me and Steve are like twins. If only he would give me that allowance I asked for....

Pisces Rule!


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Aug 31, 2001
St. Paul, MN
You have to look at what you do have.

To all that are having a birthday, I hope its a happy one. Ya know, I turned 28 a few months ago. I do keep on thinkin' that there is so much more to accomplish, but then if you think about it, 10 years ago-I didn't even think I would be where I'm at. I've got a good job making a living on a Mac, I've got a wonderful wife, a great two-year-son and a baby on the way. Things aren't exactly what I planned when I was 17, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

To be honest, this whole "career" thing was just temporary 'till the metal band I played in "hit it big"

Thanks, and happy birthday you guys.



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Dec 13, 2001
San Francisco Bay Area
Under 30???

Belated Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs! Thanks for returning to Apple and turning things around. Hope you have many more birthdays at Apple's helm!

For all of you here with birthdays, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And for those 30 and under, stop complaining about being old - I will no longer be 39 come June :/ I sometimes feel over the hill, and there are a LOT of things missing still from my life (sometimes I wonder if I can call it that) but I have to admit, I finally have a job that I enjoy, I've got a TiBook and a trusty iMac, and I'm driving an Eclipse Spyder. There IS life after 30 :D

of course it also consists of spending a lot of nights hanging around on message boards... ;) And I can always claim to have a life as long as I'm free to create my own definition for it :)