Beleaguered Acer lowers laptop expectations, slashes tablet target by nearly 60%

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    Beleaguered Acer lowers laptop expectations, slashes tablet shipment target by nearly 60 percent

    “Acer Inc slashed its full-year shipment target for tablets by almost 60 percent and expects lower notebook shipments as the world No.2 PC maker works to clear accumulated inventory,” Clare Jim reports for Reuters.
    Chairman J.T. Wang told reporters after a shareholder meeting that “the new target for tablet shipments this year was 2.5-3 million units, much lower than the 5-7 million units target set at the beginning of the year,” Jim reports. “Acer said it expected to sell 800,000 tablets in each of the second and third quarters.”

    “In April, the PC maker cut its forecast for shipments in the second quarter to a 10 percent decline from January-March, citing its recent reorganization, inventory adjustment and a seasonal slowdown in the PC industry,” Jim reports. “Last month, the company posted a 29.2 percent drop in total sales.”

    Jim reports, “Acer said early this month that it would take a $150 million charge to write off inventory and doubtful payments in Europe and would cut 300 jobs there.”


    More news of slowdowns in the "traditional" PC space. Don't be fooled by the "seasonal slowdown" line. It's Damage Control and obfuscation by box-makers that have been caught like deers in headlights ever since January 2010. They're completely flummoxed. There's been a "seasonal slowdown" for nearly a year!

    This isn't just happening with Acer. It's industry wide, with the exception of Apple. But even the Mac is no longer front-and-centre, even though Apple gives it plenty of loving quarter after quarter and sees record sales.

    What we're seeing is the Post-PC paradigm shift in action. The catalyst happened overnight, that's true. The transition, however, takes quite a bit longer. But if you've been following tech news recently, we're already well on the way.

    iPad. It can be summed up in that single word.

    Is anyone going to step up their game? Schlocky knockoffs won't cut it. Or will this turn into an iPod situation? Or rather, Why the tablet market won't be like the smartphone market.
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    It's Acer. They aren't going down because of the PC business. They're going down because their products are absolutely terrible.

    If there was a company that could be any worse than Dell, it would probably Acer. Only E-machines beat them out for worst product ever.
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    Exactly. Producing horribly cheap crap can only take you so far.
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    Agreed. That certainly plays a significant role.

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